What About My Kids?

NSCC is a place for kids!  During the regular season our "Fun 'N Faith" Children's Church has:

  • ​Fun Games

  •  Engaging Music

  • Age Appropriate Bible Lessons

  •  Arts and Crafts

  •  Free Goodies


Way more fun than when we were kids! 😂


Currently we are online only, but starting Easter Sunday, April 4, our Children's Church will be both online and in person.  Join us!


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What do you recommend for stress?

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What do you recommend for detoxing?

Detoxification is one of the most important aspects of optimize health. Taking lots of vitamins and supplements without addressing and supporting the main detoxication pathways is often overlooked. Even those who do “cleanses” often fail to give the body the tools it needs to naturally detoxify itself on a daily basis. Everyone is constantly being exposed to environmental, microbial, and metabolic toxins even if they “eat organic” and drink “purified water” and so on. The most effective detox system is built in the body already but it needs to be supplied with the ingredients to maintain tissue detox pathways. At the same time as you detoxify, you need to reduce the effect of toxins and the detoxification process itself. GSH-SOD PROmote was designed to address this by providing a broad range of detoxification co-factors and anti-oxidants to stimulate daily tissue and organ detox. Vist our store to purchase GSH-SOD PROmote

What do you recommend for poor circulation?

This is perhaps the most commonly under-recognized problem in North America. Many of the complications of diabetes are related to impaired microcirculation. Dementia and memory loss are often due to “small vessel Ischemia” which is a technical way of saying that the microcirculation in the brain did not or is not supplying enough blood flow. Erectile dysfunction, high blood pressure, cold hands or feet, loss of feeling or numbness, heart attacks, dizziness and many other common disease states have a component of poor microcirculation. While looking at the blood pressure reading as the primary issue is what seems to be the focus and unfortunately prioritizing keeping the blood pressure within a specific range is priority, in fact your microcirculation is far more important. The lining of the arterial wall is what needs to be assessed. Testing it is not difficult or invasive, but it just isn’t done during routine blood pressure checks and blood pressure medications do not help the lining of the blood vessel wall (called the “endothelium”) function better. For this, EndoVasc PROmote was designed using a blend of nutrients and co-factors that have been shown to help microcirculation through supporting the health of the blood vessel wall itself. Visit our store to purchase EndoVasc PROmote


What time is the Livestream?

Our livestream begins at 10:30AM every Sunday on our Facebook, YouTube and Website's HOME and LIVE pages.

What does a typical online service look like?

Our 10:30 online worship service is a blended service with a hymn at the beginning followed by contemporary worship led by our praise and worship team. After a time of worship we have a time of prayer, giving and hear an inspiring and empowering sermon from our Senior Minister, Pastor Jacki. Communion is held on the 1st Sunday of each month.

Do you have an online community?

If you are interested in joining a small group at NSCC click here to join the NSCC CONNECT GROUP which meets on Wednesdays at 7:00PM. We also meet on 1st MONDAYS @ 7:30 PM for Praying The Scriptures with Pastor Jacki and on 3rd MONDAYS @ 8:00 PM with Steve and Adrienne Reedy via Zoom for PRAYER. Click here to log in to the Zoom meeting - Password: 852433​

What type of church is NSCC?

North Stamford Community Church, is a theologically progressive, forward thinking, emerging and liberal Christian community. We're committed to practicing a faith that honors both the heart and the mind. At NSCC all seekers are welcome, including those who might be recovering from a rotten experience with organized religion.

What platforms are you streaming to?

We stream to Facebook, YouTube and our own website's Home page and Live page. Here are the details: Facebook: YouTube: Home Page: Live Page:

Is there something for our kids?

Yes! Currently, while we follow the guidelines during the COVID19 pandemic, our Children's Church is online at where every Sunday your kids can watch a lesson for Preschool or Elementary age and learn more about God while having fun with the lesson materials provided. From Easter Sunday onwards, Children's Church will be both online and in person so bring your kids and join us at 31 Cascade Road - let's celebrate Easter together!


Test Drive A Service

Seriously, you’re coming to North Stamford Community Church this Sunday and we can’t wait to meet you…

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Sunday Services at 10:30am

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