We are a church family that welcomes all those who seek the fellowship of Christ.

We are a church family that not only invites, but welcomes all those who seek the fellowship of Christ, and would endeavor to be an integral part of the mission of our church. Our church first gathered in 1782, at which time our original members entered into a covenant in worship every week and it remains at the heart of our life together as the Body of Christ. 

North Stamford Community Church is a community of faith rooted in the love of God. We believe worship is not just found in prayer, it’s something expressed in everything we do. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the Holy Scriptures, life’s only guidebook. Come and join us to experience God’s grace for yourself. There’s a special place for you at our welcoming Stamford church.


We do enter into covenant with God and with each other to walk in all the commandments and ordinancesof the Lord, and to watch over and assist each other in love and faithfulness, and to devote ourselves with all we have to the service of Christ, and to promote the interest of His Kingdom.



In 1961, by membership vote, the North Stamford Community Church became a participating church in the United Church of Christ. The church is a supporting member of the InterFaith Council of Southwestern Connecticut, state and county denominational bodies, and maintains relationships with community agencies and outreach projects.

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The North Stamford Community Church dates back to pre-Revolutionary times, when families gathered in farmhouses for religious meetings as early as December 1742. Legally established through approval of the Connecticut State Legislature in 1781, the church gathered as an independent society on June 4, 1782. Twenty-two founding members, representing 10 families, signed a lengthy covenant, which created the church. Like other Colonial churches, the society exercised civil and religious authority for many years.

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A focal point is the historic meeting house, dedicated on February 23, 1874 and still in use. Admired for its simple beauty, the building replaced a pre-Revolutionary meeting house, destroyed by fire the previous year. It’s an intimate place for a wedding ceremony.



The Margaret D. Givens Guild House, dedicated in 1952, provides church offices and a meeting room. Originally the one-room North Stamford School, this building was received from the town of Stamford in 1913 and moved from where the Stone House now stands to its present site behind the meeting house.

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Also known as the Community House, construction on the building began on November 28, 1925. It was financed by Henry Lockwood in memory of his wife Helen M. Davenport Lockwood and Edward E.T. Howes was the architect. Mr. Lockwood died before the building was completed, so his son, Judge Charles Davenport Lockwood, completed the building in memory of both parents. The building was a gift to the North Stamford Community Church and it stands on the site of the North Stamford one-room schoolhouse that was moved to the rear of the church, and now serves as the church’s Guild House.Judge Charles D. Lockwood, born in 1877, was an influential man in Connecticut. He was a lawyer and a member of the law firm of Cummings & Lockwood. He was elected a judge of the probate court in Stamford. He was also a delegate to Democratic National Convention from Connecticut, in 1916 and 1920; and a delegate to Connecticut convention to ratify 21st amendment at-large, in 1933.There have been many renovations over the years but the same, simple community house-feel remains. Event hosts have a blank canvas to work with and it allows many options for decorating. The building remains a lively hub for meetings, parties, social events, community organizations, performing arts programs, and ongoing church events. If you’re looking for a space to host an event, the Stone House is available for rental.


The North Stamford Community Church Cemetery is located on Lakeside Drive – northwest of the bridge. Many of the original twenty-two members of the church are buried in this cemetery. The cemetery is no longer active.


The Memorial Garden and Columbarium is a private sanctuary where one can sit peacefully on memorial benches and reflect on the lives of those who are interred in the garden. Stone walls house loved ones’ remains in individual niches. The perennial gardens are maintained by church members who love to garden and are beautiful in every season. The Columbarium is complete with a simple cross on the hillside overlooking the gardens.